Sun Milk SPF 30 UVA + UVB + IR-A Radiation Protection, 200 ml

Product description

immediate protection

Water resistant*

24h moisturizer

UVA + UVB + IR-A ** protection


The SUNDANCE Sun Milk SPF 30 with green tea extract and vitamin E ensures a pleasant skin feeling. It is waterproof and protects the cells of the skin from the negative effects of IR-A radiation. ** * Independent testing institute confirms: After 40 minutes' stay in the water, at least 50% of the light protection factor claimed remains. ** The formulation helps protect the cells of the skin from the activation of collagen-degrading enzymes by the use of infrared-A radiation with regular use, thus preventing further premature sun-induced wrinkling.

Product features:

Scope of application: Face, body

Included sun protection factor: 30

Product Features: Gluten-free, with sun protection factor (SPF), without aluminum salts, no dyes, no preservatives, no parabens, no paraffin/mineral oils, Vegan, Vegetarian

Texture / Consistency / Application: Lotion

Made in Germany


Sun Milk SPF 30 UVA + UVB + IR-A Radiation Protection, 200 ml

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