Multivitamin Bears Lozenges for Children, 20 pcs

20 delicious bears for sucking and chewing. No added sugar. The lozenges with orange flavour are gluten and lactose-free.

Product Features

- Gluten-free, lactose-free 

- No preservatives, no added sugar

Use Precautions

Children from 4 years: daily 2 tablets suck or chew. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Nutritional information   

Nutritional Information pro 100 g
condensing 243 kcal / 1017 kJ
fat 0,6 g
Fat, saturated fat 0,6 g
carbohydrates 90 g
Carbohydrates of which sugar < 0,5 g
protein 0 g
salt equivalent 1,2 g



composition As a daily dose* % Of the recommended daily allowance **
Biotin 15 µg 30 %
folic acid 140 µg 70 %
Niacin 9 mg 56 %
pantothenic acid 4 mg 67 %
Vitamin B 1, Thiamin 0,7 mg 64 %
Vitamin B 12 1,5 µg 60 %
Vitamin B 2, Riboflavin 0,8 mg 57 %
Vitamin B 6 0,5 mg 36 %
Vitamin C 30 mg 38 %
Vitamin D 5 µg 100 %
Vitamin E 8 mg 67 %

- equivalent to 2 pieces
- nutrient reference values in accordance with the Food Information Regulation


Contains acidifier, magnesium salts of fatty acids, sorbitol, sodium citrate, malic acid, curcumin, sweetener, dyes, filler, release agent, an acid regulator, sucralose


Food supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. Can have a laxative effect if consumed to excess.

Made in the EU

Multivitamin Lozenges for Children, 20 pcs

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