Finest pleasure for gourmets and lovers of exquisite delicacies for particularly high-fine moments. With Lindt Hochfein, our Maîtres Chocolatiers present discerning gourmets with a particularly exquisite selection of unparalleled praline créations, crafted with care and attention to detail. Let yourself be seduced by the finest Marc de Champagne truffles, delicately melting nougat variations, exquisite marzipan specialties or crunchy nut chocolates and enjoy unforgettable taste experiences in a class of their own.

True connoisseurs and true connoisseurs love them - the delicious variety and enjoyable variety of the exclusive Lindt pralinés mixes.

The following pralines await you in this chocolate box: Marc de Champagne truffle praline, almond nut sliver, caramel-amande praline, gold splash bag, walnut croquant praline, macchiato star praline, orange-marzipan praline


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