Taxofit Dietary supplements

Iron + Vitamin C capsules 40

High-dose iron with vitamin C as iron recovery aid: taxofit iron + vitamin C prevents the inadequate supply of iron, stabilizes the body's iron status and thus helps to maintain its efficiency. It contains 50 mg of valuable, readily bioavailable iron II, which, in contrast to dietary iron, can be directly introduced into the iron metabolism. The addition of 50 mg of vitamin C promotes the absorption of iron into the organism.


Ingredients: Active Ingredients: Iron (II) sulfate H2O x 151.1 to 158.1 mg (corresponding to 50 mg of iron (II) ions), ascorbic acid 50 mg
Other ingredients: Refined rapeseed oil; hydrogenated soybean oil, partially hydrogenated soybean oil (DAB) (Ph. Eur.); yellow wax; colloidal silicon dioxide; (3-sn-Phosphatidyl) choline from soybeans (liquid); Butylated hydroxytoluene (Ph. Eur.); Butylhydroxyanisole (Ph. Eur.); Gelatin; 85% glycerol; Anidrisorb 85/70 (dry substance); titanium dioxide; iron oxide; Ponceau 4R, aluminum salt, and quinoline yellow aluminum lake

Product Features

- Lactose-free,

- Gluten-free, 

Use Precautions

swallow 1 tablet daily with liquid to a meal without chewing.


Iron + Vitamin C capsules 40 Tablets

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