Hipp Children's Tender creamed vegetables with potatoes & plaice fillet from 12 months, 250 g

Hipp Delicate creamy vegetables with potatoes and plaice fillet contains high-quality organic rapeseed oil, which provides your baby with natural omega-3 fatty acids. Fish contains high quality protein and sea fish also contains the trace element iodine. With bits for chewing learning. From the 12th month.

Age recommendation: From the 12th month

Product Features

- Gluten-free, no preservatives

Use Precautions

As a hot meal. Eat a balanced diet and healthy lifestyle.


Opened jar or desired subset in a water bath or microwave heat, stir and check the temperature. To avoid damage to the glass, please only use plastic spoons.

Precise product:
Delicate creamed vegetables with potatoes and plaice fillet
Ingredients: vegetables * 54% (22% * potatoes, tomatoes *, carrot, kohlrabi *, celery *, onions *), water, SCHOLLE 10.8%, starch *, CREAM * 3% * 1.6% rapeseed oil , spices *, lemon juice * from lemon juice concentrate, iodized salt. * From organic production. Note: Gluten-free 86% of agricultural ingredients come from organic production.


Contains fish and fish derivatives
Contains milk and milk derivatives
Contains Celery and derivatives

Nutritional information

Nutritional Information pro 100 g
condensing 72 kcal / 303 kJ
fat 2,8 g
Fat, saturated fat 0,8 g
carbohydrates 8,7 g
Carbohydrates of which sugar 1,4 g
protein 2,5 g
salt equivalent 0,28 g
sodium 0,11 g
iodine 8 µg
Alpha-Linolensäure 0,12 g

Hipp Children's Tender vegetable & potatoes & plaice fillet from 12 months, 250g

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