Delicate pralines with delicately roasted slivers of 100% fine cocoa beans in hazelnut nougat cream (Cacautl), in Blancor cream (Xoya), in fine-hazelnut nougat cream (Ek Chuah) and in fine milk chocolate (Yuca). In Central and South America, the home of Cacao, these noble cocoa beans mature and develop their very fine and intense aroma. Experience this taste in its purest form as delicately roasted fragments of the cocoa bean in the filling of the Creola Pralinés.


The following pralines await you in this chocolate box: Cacautl Creola Circle, EK Chua Creola Square, Xoya Creola Triangle, Yuca Plate


product dimensions

Length: 185 mm Height: 29 mm Width: 185 mm


This product is gluten free

Due to the large number of our products we process different recipes on the individual plants. Of course, these are thoroughly rinsed when changing the product. Nevertheless, it is not completely ruled out that traces of gluten enter products, although these ingredients are not included in the recipe. Unfortunately, we can not guarantee the absence of minute amounts of gluten on any of our products. Please also note that for some products barley malt extract is included in the recipe. The gluten content of these products is less than 20 ppm, which is defined as gluten-free according to the Codex Alimentarius.


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