The PRIORIN® Hair Care Capsules Simulate and Increase Hair Growth


The PRIORIN® Hair Care Program

You may have decided to take PRIORIN® to improve hair growth and keep your hair healthy from the inside. Here are some tips and information on the topic of hair care.

Give your hair nutrients with only 2 daily capsules of PRIORIN®. Since hair naturally grows very slowly, the first result may be seen after around 4 weeks. The roots are now working hidden within the scalp. And even if you do not feel anything, simply enjoy that you are helping to stimulate hair growth.

PRIORIN® contains the following nutrients:

  • Millet extract
  • Calcium pantothenate 
  • L-cystine
  • Biotin 

After about 3 to 6 months of the PRIORIN® hair care program the nutrients have stimulated and improved hair growth and hair re-growth.

While the PRIORIN® hair care program is recommended to be taken for a period of 3 to 6 months, it is also suitable for long-term use and can be repeated throughout the year if necessary.


The PRIORIN® Hair Care Capsules Simulate and Increase Hair Growth

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