Ell Cranell Alfatradiol Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Root-Damaging DHT, 200ml

Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol - for hereditary hair loss

  • Less hair loss in 80% of users
  • Use only once a day
  • Very well tolerated
  • Successful therapy can only be achieved if you have hair loss. The treatment is therefore not only effective but also well tolerated. Ell-Cranell® is a local treatment that does not interfere with the metabolism and does not put unnecessary strain on the body.
  • Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol works where it is needed: directly at the hair root - and not in the whole body. It is therefore very well tolerated - many years of experience by women and men confirm this.

The scope of application: Hair loss in men and women

Product Features: Very well tolerated

Only 1x daily use

Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol makes regular use particularly easy: With the patented applicator, you only apply the solution directly to the affected areas of the scalp once a day. Targeted, simple, and fast way. Your hair is neither soaked nor greasy. The hairstyle is retained.

Tip: Once the hair loss has improved, the use of Ell-Cranell® with alfatradiol can be reduced to every second to the third day.


Ell Cranell Alfatradiol Anti Hair Loss Hair Growth Root-Dama 100ml

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